This second week of March is looking DELICIOUS.

what to eat this week

This week’s meal suggestions have a peek of spring with some cool weather favorites!

what to eat this week

On Monday, kick things off with this springtime slow cooker minestrone! This is an oldie but goodie – one that you guys love. And spoiler alert: you don’t have to make this in a slow cooker! Make it in a dutch oven on the stovetop and add the pasta at the end before serving. So good!

Taco Tuesday! Let’s go with some bang bang cauliflower tacos. These are OUT OF THIS WORLD! Oooh so freaking flavorful. These are best when you serve them right after making. But you can make the bang bang sauce ahead of time. Even though it may sound crazy, my house salad is really delicious with these.

Breakfast for dinner is one of our favorites, especially this bacon brussels fried rice. Leftovers are equally as delicious, just heat and make an egg to throw on top. Sometimes I roast extra brussels for more veg on the side!

This sheet pan nacho chicken is such a versatile, delicious meal. Everything goes on the sheet pan, then you can shred the chicken and throw it in a tortilla. Or a bowl of quinoa. Or eat it just as is with the veggies on the pan. Or throw it on a salad! So many options.

Butter salmon rice bowls for the win on Friday! This dish has quick pickled ginger and it’s wonderful. If you want a few extra veggies, try this smashed cucumber salad on the side.

If you need a delish breakfast idea, this strawberry cashew smoothie is wonderful and has a sneaky veggie! And for lunch, make a batch of my favorite tortellini salad because the leftovers are the best.

what to eat this week

What’s on your menu this week?!