Ready for all of my kitchen essentials?!

Finally! Sharing a list of my favorite kitchen essentials, tools and gadgets from everyday items to splurges to sponges! Find it here.

It’s here, it’s here! I’m finally sharing my ultimate list of kitchen favorites that you guys have been asking about for years – all in one place! I’ve received a ton of messages about my kitchen “stuff” (for lack of a better word) lately and I assume it’s because you’re all cooking right now. So I made it happen and you can find everything below that I adore.

These are the best of the best – everything I have and personally use. There isn’t anything on this list that I don’t have and use myself. We’re talking everyday essentials and a few kitchen splurges. Things like skillets, cast iron, counter appliances, utensils and so on. Plus towels and sponges! I’ve tested it all thoroughly and you’ve probably seen most of it on instagram. I cook constantly for my job and have for the last 11 years, so I need to use high-quality items in the kitchen. These are my recommendations for the best items for the kitchen – and ones that last!

P.S. I’ll update this list as time goes on so it’s always here for you! xo

Finally! Sharing a list of my favorite kitchen essentials, tools and gadgets from everyday items to splurges to sponges! Find it here.

Counter Appliances

High power blender. I adore this blender and it gets used nonstop in our house. It’s my pick over Vitamix by far (we’ve broke three, don’t ask) and Blendtec too. We make at least one large smoothie a day, sometimes more, and this is top notch. 

Stand mixer. I use my mixer for tons of baked goods, obviously, but I also use it for shredding chicken! It’s a life saver. I make pizza dough or focaccia in it too. 

Hand mixer. If I don’t need to dirty my stand mixer, the hand mixer is where it’s at! You can use this for almost anything, except for bread dough. 

Nutribullet. I love this to make quick vinaigrettes. I also use it to make a smooth if just one person wants it. It doesn’t get the smoothie as thick and smooth, but it works well. 

Multi cook slow cooker. It’s no secret that this is my favorite slow cooker! You can sear right in the slow cooker on the saute setting. It’s wonderful. I’ve never had an issue with mine and I actually have two of them! 

Food processor. I might use this more than our blender! I use the food processor to make bread crumbs, dips, pestos, sauces, everything. 

Citrus Juicer. This is oddly one of our most used appliances. It makes such wonderful fresh juice, the kids can use it, it’s light in weight and pretty enough to keep on the counter.

Air fryer. The air fryer is not a product that everyone needs, but if you’re in the market for one, I do love it. The only downside is that it’s huge. I just store mine on a shelf in our basement.

Waffle iron. I think we’ve gone through five or six waffle irons since we’ve been married. They have all been garbage! It’s been so hard to find one that produces a crispy waffle. This is an investment but it is life changing. If I didn’t have this one, I would just go buy one at Target.

Electric skillet. There are only a few things I use an electric skillet for these days – making pancakes and toasting quesadillas are the main ones. I love it, because everyone can eat together at the same time.

Immersion blender. This is one appliance that I don’t love, but it is great to have on hand and most people live for it when it comes to blending soups. 

Electric tea kettle. This is the best. It heats up SO fast. 

Nespresso. This is my coffee maker that I use everyday! I love it, and especially love how it looks in the kitchen. 

Keurig K-Cafe. I love this coffee maker, especially when entertaining and on holidays. You can make lattes and cappuccinos and it’s wonderful. 

Bodum double wall glasses. These are my favorite coffee cups – be it iced or hot!

Finally! Sharing a list of my favorite kitchen essentials, tools and gadgets from everyday items to splurges to sponges! Find it here.

Pots and Pans

10 and 12-inch nonstick skillets. These are my all time favorite skillets. They are exceptional quality and also oven safe up to 600 degrees F.

4 quart nonstick saute pan. This is a large version of the skillets above and it has a lid. I love to make bolognese in this or pasta dishes.

2 quart saucepan. This is the perfect size for making a single serving of pasta or sauce.

Oval roasting pan. This pan also goes from oven to stove. It’s phenomenal because you can fit a roast, a turkey, a filet, etc in the pan, but the pan itself is SO light in weight.

5 quart stock pot. This is the pot I use the most often when boiling pasta or making a soup to serve four.

7 quart stock pot. This is the pot I use to make stocks, large batches of soup, etc. It’s also gorgeous as decor.

Finex cast iron skillet. My favorite cast iron skillet by far! I have high standards – my mom uses one that is over 100 years old, so I’ve been on a mission to find a good one. Also love that this comes with a lid.

Le Creuset 3.5 quart braiser. This is my favorite Le Creuset piece by far. It’s easier to carry than a large dutch oven and a great size.

Le Creuset 7 quart dutch oven. But of course, I do use my dutch oven often. This is my favorite one. 

Staub 2 piece baking dishes. These are smaller than 9×13, but I love using them for dinners!

9×13 covered baker. I love this for heavy duty dishes like lasagna. I use it for holidays but also for weeknight dinners.

9×13 inch cake pan. This is the pan I use most for sheet cakes and brownies.

Baking sheets. These baking sheets are wonderful! I have tons of them and they hold up great. There are also similar ones at Target that I love too. 

Nordicware bundt pans. This is the highest quality bundt pan you can find – not to mention they have wonderful designs. 

Silicone lids. I received these as a gift and I love them. My shelves are a mess of pots, pans and lids and I can’t always find the lid I want. This is a great quick solution. 

Finally! Sharing a list of my favorite kitchen essentials, tools and gadgets from everyday items to splurges to sponges! Find it here.

Everyday Gadgets and Utensils

Cutting boards. I have a bunch of these cutting boards and they’re wonderful. 

Glass mixing bowls. These are my favorite mixing and prep bowls.

Microplane. I use this for citrus zest, garlic and ginger multiple times per week.

Garlic press. Perhaps my favorite gadget in the kitchen!

Mezzaluna. I love this knife for cutting herbs, making chopped salads and cutting pizza too. 

Wooden spoons. No one cake cook without these!

Global knife block. These are the best knives I’ve ever used in my life. Incredible.

Whisks. Get a few in an assortment of sizes. 

Kitchen scale. We use ours almost every day – both Eddie and I! 

Mandoline. I don’t use a mandoline every day, but it’s IDEAL when you need it – super thin potatoes, radish slices, cucumbers, onions, etc. Nothing can replace it!

Handheld citrus juicer. Use this daily as well!

Fish spatula. One of the best spatulas ever. 

Serrated grapefruit spoons. I use these for grapefruits, but I use them more often to scrap the seeds out of butternut and spaghetti squash.

Cherry pitter. I use this for cherries, olives and even dates. It’s a lifesaver.

Meat thermometer. This is the best one I’ve found.

Pro vegetable chopper. This isn’t something I use everyday, but if you cook often and find yourself making meats that require a lot of onion and pepper chopping, this is fabulous. I also use this for egg salad!

Kitchen towels. I love these ones because they are pretty while also function. But these bar mop towels are also what I have on hand during big recipe days!

Kitchen torch. This isn’t an essential by any meals, but if you’re into torching marshmallow or making creme brûlée, you’ll be thrilled to have this.

Wooden salad bowl. I use this salad bowl a few times a week, if not daily. It’s great for parties by also every day use and it comes in a few different sizes. 

Scrub daddy sponge. This is the best sponge for doing dishes. Ever!

Finally! Sharing a list of my favorite kitchen essentials, tools and gadgets from everyday items to splurges to sponges! Find it here.

Food Storage

Stasher bags. I use these for fridge and freezer, for snacks, for marinating meat and vegetables, everything.

Weck jars. These are what I use most for sauces, dressings, vinaigrettes, pickled onions, etc. I love the tulip jars the most!

Seal tight containers. These seal tight containers are my new obsession for sauces, dressings, leftovers – everything. I adore them.

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