march favorites

A list of all the things I loved in March, quarantine edition! xo


Oona Out of Order. My March book post is coming tomorrow, but this was my favorite out of the month! It was SO good and I didn’t want it to end.

Old Dominion. Last week on instagram I talked about listening to my “summer music” to raise my spirits! For me, that’s mostly pop country. I love Old Dominion and so do my kids. We blast this album and sing along all day.

Maria Shriver’s IG account. Maria Shriver and her son do an instagram live video everyday at 5pm EST, bringing on a guest. It’s so interesting and inspiring. They’ve had on Mel Robbins, Rob Lowe and Jennifer Garner just to name a few. I love watching it everyday!


Chameleon Vanilla Cold Brew. This is what I’ve been living on for iced coffee! I do this over ice with some milk or cream or whatever I’m feeling at the moment. I love it! I also use the regular cold brew and do my own syrup with it.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Perfect Bar. This is my favorite flavor of perfect bar but I can only find it at TJs! It has more salt than other ones and is the best combo of salty sweet. Love it and it’s a nice break from peanut butter.

My garlic butter naan bread. I’ve made this five times in the last two weeks. It is SO good. Such a great recipe to take to friends or family too.


Nordstrom V neck Pajama Top. This is the BEST top ever! It’s so comfortable and silky. Wonderful for lounging or sleeping but honestly you could probably run a few errands in it too – ha!

Tie Dye PJ Sweatshirt. This bread is so super soft. This is one of the sweatshirts I’ve been lounging in the last few weeks when I don’t feel like getting completely dressed.

Nike Joyride Dual Run. As a complete devotee of Adidas Ultraboosts, I can’t believe I love these. But they are what I’ve been walking in outside right now and I love them. I rarely wear my Ultraboosts out because I keep them as my “nice” shoes (yes I said that). Loving these though as they are super supportive!


Night and Day Puzzle. I bought 3 puzzles on amazon and this night and day one is my favorite! It’s just such a fun puzzle to put together, even though it’s taking me a million years.

Ello Glass Tumbler. There’s something about drinking iced coffee out of a glass tumbler that makes my morning. This is my current favorite.

food52 + greenpan nonstick sauté pan with lid: I know I can’t stop raving about these pans, but this deep one with the lid has become my new favorite. It’s amazing – deep enough that you can cook so much or make whole pasta skillets in it without them overflowing.


Homemade Playdough. Making it is half the fun! Max loved mixing in gold sparkles. We scented ours with orange and peppermint essential oil.

Chalk Paint Rollers. My kids LOVE these things. They can be kind of messy but they do wash right off. We had some last year and Max was so excited to use some this spring! I initially bought them for the easter baskets, but had a desperate moment and let them use them already. The only downside is that these only last 1 to 2 days and get used up very quickly. Buy them when you know you’ll have a few hours outside!

Native Jefferson Shoes. These have been my favorite outdoor play shoes for Max for years – at least 3 years. I bought him a new pair and Emilia her first pair – a little earlier than normal in the year, but we have already been outside SO much and the weather has been warm enough some days. I’ve talked about these before but they are just SO great for outside. Like a less ugly version of Crocs.

Nugget couch. I bought the nugget before Christmas and it’s ideal for fort building! It’s saving us right now. We move it from the basement downstairs to the family room upstairs constantly. It’s a lot of fun! Pretty sure they aren’t shipping right now, but I think you can still order?

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]