Hello hello memorial day weekend!

I’m sharing our week in the life a day late since we had a long weekend! Here’s everything that went down.

Breakfast outside in a play tent!

Could they beeeee any cuter.

Max had his last day of school which made me want to bawl my eyes out. I know it’s peanuts compared to missing high school or college or heck, even 8th grade graduation. But his class was AMAZING. The kids were together for two years, his teacher was fantastic, all the parents got along and had so much fun… it’s just such a bummer the year ended this way.

P.S. he was drawing his self portrait – his teacher had them draw one on the first and last day of the year.

She’s a mood.

But how does my mom know how to pick the best flowers? She just KNOWS.

My brother did a graduation tour for his seniors (he’s a high school teacher) and then let Max and Emilia color on the car. Hahahaha.

We got takeout from morcilla and it was the best ever.

Obsessed with this meal and inspired by Bev – I did smoked salmon toast and sautéed kale!

Neon babe.

I gave them cereal on Friday morning to kick off the weekend. They were excited.

And we got the gin and tonic kit from morcilla – I saved it for friday. SO GOOD. And worth it.

How incredible was this sky?!

Made my brown butter cookie bars.

They were very proud of this monstrosity.

The base of my baked beans!

Threw together a super quick pasta salad.

We grilled shishito peppers too.

And smash burger sliders and hot dogs.

These were tiny and delish. Like dinner roll size.

Still a mood!

Eddie pressure washed the swing set and the kids ran through the mist.

Made my tortellini salad. It’s a fave.

This is what I did Saturday night and it was amazing.

While I was reading, Max asked if he could join me outside to read. Then asked for a plain hot dog bun.

But why is he a teenager?

Memorial day eats!

And my cousin found cakesicles. WOWOWOW.

I need more berry trifles in my life.

Today I grilled green beans for lunch. One of the best ways to make ’em.

And chicken with garlic, soy sauce, toasted sesame oil and ginger.

The kids had hot dogs because I was a short order cook.

We had the best day hanging out in the back yard!

everyday life week 21

My heart!

everyday life week 21

And I don’t know how, but I think this might have been Emilia’s first popsicle. Crazy?! It was still a pretty good week given that we couldn’t do our regular traditions with family and friends.