tuesday things

1. Does anyone else find themselves mesmerized by weird food video hacks on facebook? Even if it’s something weird or gross, I often can’t turn away.

2. White chocolate birthday cookies. Yes please.

3. Broke down and bought a bouncy house slide/swimming pool combo. Feels like backyard yacht club but it’s also 100% worth it.

4. TV things!! I watched Sweet Magnolias on Netflix and it was super cute – sort of like a Hallmark-y Gilmore Girls vibe! Did anyone else finish Run on HBO? And Billions better pick up on some Wendy Axe chemistry for me!

5. You GUYS… my dishwasher broke while fully loaded AND while I had what would be nearly two additional dishwasher loads to run after cooking a ton of food for our family. I don’t even want to tell you how long it took Eddie and I to tag team the dishes.

6. If you had a vacation planned this summer, is it to a place you’re still able to go? Really hoping we can still go on ours planned for august since it’s pretty private. We’re playing it by ear right now.

7. How to practice gratitude during difficult times.

8. Pretty sure Eddie’s favorite toy is the power washer. He will spend HOURS power washing basically everything.

9. Meanwhile, I need a laundry room designed like this.

10. I think I’ve bribed my kids too much during quarantine. The other night Max told me (at 8pm) “mama if you just let me go outside on the swingset now I won’t play the iPad for a week!” Ummmm where did he learn this…