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may beauty favorites

It feels like months since I’ve done a proper beauty faves with a bunch of new or old things that I’m loving. So here we go!

May Beauty Favorites

Supergoop Glow Screen. I’m officially obsessed with the glow screen, much like everyone else! I’ve been using this almost daily for six weeks or so since it launched. It’s not high coverage but it offers an awesome glowy sheen with very very light coverage. More like evening things out on your skin. It mixes great with moisturizer or foundation too! The only downside is that this is not great if you’re working out/sweating – it ran into my eyes a few times and I just about lost it.

SkinCeuticals UV Defense SPF 50. This is the sunscreen I use if I’m not wearing makeup, but I want to even out my skin tone. I’ll use this, do brows and maybe mascara – that’s it. It’s great for a pool day because of how it makes your skin look! It’s also extremely light on the skin. I love mixing it with the glow screen for extra glow.

Supergoop Play Everyday SPF 50. I’ve loved this sunscreen for years but this huge pump version is INCREDIBLE. I used to buy the alba daily shade SPF lotion for the pump too. I’m not someone that really ever forgets to put on sunscreen because I’ve burned my entire life, so I don’t skip. The fact that they now make this with a pump is life changing for me. I have it in our bedroom so I can use it when I’m getting dressed, but I sort of want to buy a second one to keep downstairs. It’s great. And as a note I have put this on my face in previous years and it’s totally fine.

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint. I bought this in early winter but didn’t use it a ton until recently. I would save it for times when I wanted/needed more coverage. But I immediately fell in love with it – it is incredible. The texture is so light (actually reminds me of the skinCeuticals above, but more coverage!) but it really evens out my skin tone and feels so light on my face. I hate the heavy foundation feeling! I’ve also had success mixing it with the hollywood flawless filter. Only issue I had was color matching – it took a few different tries.

Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara. I’m back on the mascara train since I haven’t been able to get my lash extensions done. I did get a chanel volume lash which has been a favorite in the past, but I couldn’t help but try this Ilia one which seemed to blow up as soon as I got the extensions and couldn’t use mascara. I LOVE THIS. I was skeptical but am shocked at how much this lengthens my lashes! I prefer length over volume and this is fantastic.

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow. Fiiiinally bought this during the sephora sale and I totally get the hype. The day after using it, my skin looks so bright and even. Like I actually did a double take! Admittedly, I’m having a hard time figuring out WHERE to put it in my skincare routine. I don’t want to quit good genes or dr dennis gross peel pads.

Milk Overnight Lip Mask. This was a sephora sale buy and I have to say I look forward to using it every night. It’s not overly special or anything, but the scent of lavender is so relaxing and comforting!

Tan Luxe The Butter. I’ve loved the gradual for a few years but in the last couple weeks have been using this. I will say that it is not as forgiving as the gradual and I find it to be more intense and darker. But if you’re familiar with self tanning (I’m basically a connoisseur at this point), you won’t have a problem. Now this does leave a shimmer on the skin but I am very into that. Just an FYI!

Lancome Lip Balm. This was a random sephora sale purchase because it looked so pretty, but I’m obsessed. It’s plumping ( a little tingly but not burning), the scent is almost a fruity mint and it has these very light glistening flecks (not glitter!) that go on your lips. There is no color, but it’s shiny and feels really good on your lips!

Skinbuilders Patches. Can you believe I’ve never tried pimple patches before? I rarely have breakouts (thanks to dry skin) but I’ve used these on a few rogue pimples this year and I’m hooked. I especially like these ones because they are microneedled and really make a difference.

may beauty favorites

Tell me tell me! What have you been loving this month?!

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