may favorites

A list of all the things I loved in May, quarantine edition! xo


TJs Synergistically seasoned popcorn. This stuff is insane. INSANE, I tell you. It’s spicy but tangy, smoky, sweet and savory. It’s wild. Such a good snack.

Dots pretzels. Many of you have mentioned that these are what you use for my pretzel crusted chicken fingers. I can’t get them locally, but I can find them on amazon. OMG. The ingredient list is not the best but they are absolutely incredible. Almost like buttery. And they are great for entertaining.

Heavenly Hunks. This was a costco instacart purchase and it may have been the best buy during quaratine. I LOVE THESE. They are chewy and taste like a combo of a cookie and really delish granola bar. LOVE!


Love tank pleated. Now that we’re back into warm weather, I’m re-obsessed with my love tanks from Lulu. They can never keep them in stock so if you check often, they will include new colors. They are so comfortable, breathable and flattering.

Le Specs Air Heart Sunglasses. I’m on my third year running of these glasses and love all things Le Specs. They are a great price for the quality – it is so, so good! And they fit wonderfully. It’s my third summer with these and I adore them so much.


Coconut milk and cream candle. This comes from the maker of the tan lines candle I talked about all last year. It is heavenly!

Weber grill griddle. We are huge fans of smash burgers, but when I make them indoors they create a lot of smoke and jumping grease. I often put my cast iron skillet directly on the grill, but this is an amazing griddle that goes into the grill! I’ve made smash burgers, eggs and even veggies on here!

5 blade herb scissors. How have I lived so long without herb scissors? These are amazing for big recipe days when we are chopping tops of herbs, but they are fantastic for everyday cooking too.

Tiny mini brush and dustpan. My kids are obsessed with cleaning (how?! wish I was!) and especially any sort of broom or mopping situation. I have the larger version of this dustpan, but I also love this small one for the kids or even for counter crumbs. It’s awesome.


Yoga with Adriene. I’ve done Adriene’s videos off and on for years, but have really come to love some of her 15 minutes practices throughout the week. Especially the slow your roll one which is great if you feel anxious.

Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner. I read a lot during May but this was one of the stand outs. It was unexpected and I loved the twists!

My country summer playlist. This has been on repeat for weeks! I am still adding to it but it’s so summery.


Dominoes. One of the best things we bought during quarantine – Max has had a BLAST lining these up.

Volcano Bubble Machine. This puts out soooooo many bubbles and it is so fun! It’s difficult to use when rainy, and after about 10 minutes the bubbles do get foamy and you have to give it a break. But the kids, especially Emilia, love it.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]