six playlists i'm loving right now

I wanted to share a few of the playlists I’ve had on repeat the last few weeks that we’ve been staying at home. Sometimes I find that I have to just turn off the TV, ignore all news and phone notifications and blast music. This is what I’ve been listening to!

P.S. you can find all of my playlists here on spotify, we create a new one every week during summer fridays!

My Summer Kitchen

This playlist is THE BEST. It makes me think of cooking in the kitchen with the windows open and a breeze blowing through. I could listen to it over and over. I also have a volume 2 of this playlist from last year!

Summer 2020 Country 2020

I just started putting this one together but I love it so far. It’s basically new-ish country pop with a few old favorites and I’ve had it on repeat. I’m sure it will make another appearance in a summer fridays post in a few weeks! But it just makes everything feel like summer.

Morning Coffee

In an effort to not be an anxiety trainwreck all day, I’ve been trying to wake up with music or at least put something like this on after I work out and before I turn on the news.

Feel Good Friday

This is one of our summer friday playlists from last year and it’s one I always go back to. So upbeat, so good! Really just feel good music.

Nancy Meyers Movie Goodness

If you’re in love with every Nancy Meyers movie like I am, you will adore this playlist. And recognize every song.

The Last Dance

We’ve been loving watching The Last Dance on ESPN in all of its 90s glory. This playlist by spotify is so good. On repeat!