tuesday things

1. OMG: brown butter peanut butter no churn ice cream. I can’t handle it.

2. I ventured out for the first time last week – only to a greenhouse so I was still outside. And we have to wear masks here in PA. It was sunny so I had on my sunglasses. I couldn’t figure out why people weren’t smiling back at me! Then I’m like, oh… I have on a mask AND sunglasses. No one can see my face.

3. Strategies for the burned out cook. These are so good.

4. Have you seen the whole pancake cereal trend? I cannot get into it. And I don’t know why.

5. TV things!! We finished The Last Dance (so good) and I watched Billions too. We also finally binged Succession over the last few weeks.

6. Also in related news my life is basically made since Hamilton is going to release straight to Disney+ in July AND The Babysitter’s Club reboot will be on Netflix that very same day. WOW what to do!

7. A few weeks ago I mentioned that Eddie told me he couldn’t handle any more Mexican food. He is totally over it! It’s depressing, because it’s pretty much the only take out I want. I just don’t understand this. Chips, guac, salsa, margaritas – could have them every single day.

8. How weird schedules can help you get more done.

9. I am so impressed by everyone who is giving their significant other or kid a haircut. I could NEVER do it. I don’t even want to try!

10. Be on the lookout: summer reading list launches this week! Just in time for MDW.