Sharing the most delicious memorial day recipes today!

prosciutto cantaloupe caprese skewers

This is one of my favorite weekends of the year!

I’m so sad we won’t get to do our usual traditions like head to our favorite parade and have a big cookout, but we’re going to make up for it with all of these delicious things we can make at home. Do you have any plans at home this coming weekend?! I can’t wait to hear what you’re making.

2020 Memorial Day Weekend Recipes

hot dog bar

Always kick things off with a hot dog bar! Even if it’s for… your small family.

grilled guacamole

Get fancy and grill your guacamole.

my mom's favorite veggie pizza

We make my mom’s veggie pizza all the time.

prosciutto cantaloupe caprese skewers

These cantaloupe prosciutto skewers are the best snack or appetizer.

grilled broccoli crunch salad

The grilled broccoli crunch salad is everything.

strawberry pasta salad

So is this black pepper balsamic strawberry pasta salad. Love it.

tortellini salad

I make this tortellini salad all the time.

grilled gorgonzola potatoes

Our favorite grilled gorgonzola potatoes!

green bean salad

This fresh green bean salad was my absolute fave last year.

strawberry poppyseed salad

I love a grilled chicken strawberry poppyseed salad.

cheeseburger salad

And this cheeseburger chopped salad is unreal.

smash burgers

Can’t even pass up the best smash burger. With house sauce!

veggie burger

Or this incredible veggie burger that is a dream come true.

grilled filet and potato skewer

Filet and potato skewers can’t be beat.

chili lime watermelon

This chili lime watermelon is the best refreshing snack.

lemonade froze

Lemonade froze was made for summer!

orange crush cocktail

So is the orange crush. I’m craving one.

rosé pimms cup

Or try a sparkling rosé pimms cup. So pretty!

ritz cracker peanut butter cups

Please make a batch of ritz cracker peanut butter cups for the weekend.

coney island cheesecake

Or this coney island cheesecake! It’s worth it.