Can’t believe we’re 23 weeks in!

We had such a gorgeous week, weather wise. It called for rain a few times but it held off. It has been beautiful out!

This little babe is such a ray of sunshine.

We went to the zoo drive thru! It was fun and I’m glad we did it because they are open now. It was difficult to see everything since you couldn’t get super close, but driving 1mph through was pretty cool.

We did get super close to the giraffes. So pretty.

Max got to hang out with one of this friends this week which was wonderful. But it was the first time he was away from Emilia in months. He actually cried on the way over because we didn’t take her. It broke my heart! He did make her this lego bracelet and she has barely taken off since.

This salad reminds me of a gross cafeteria chef salad (haha) but it was SO good. Just local lettuce, tomatoes, shallot, peppers, sunflower seeds, hard boiled eggs, tillamook italian cheese blend and bagged croutons. Yep.

Homemade chalk paint!

When I do makeup, she does makeup. It’s adorable.

We’re also still accessorizing over here!


The peonies from last week are still hanging on!

Emilia found a sharpie of my mom’s and drew all over her hands and face. That was great. See the streak on her cheek?!

How gorgeous is this cake?! Went to a friends bach party/shower and this was show stopping. It was also DELICIOUS. Her wedding was pushed back because of the pandemic. And I haven’t mentioned it yet but my brother and his fiance have also postponed their wedding (it was in july) until next year. Such a bummer.

I mean, is this heaven?

Legos in our house 24/7. Even Emilia is great at them!

Smoothie bowls are a highlight.

Hello cutie.

We also got mexican food one night! Best.

Played outside nonstop.

This ice cream cone was wonderful, until half way through I PULLED A HAIR OUT OF IT. Yes. I’m still having nightmares.

Hopefully theirs was hair free. No complaints from them.

This dinner on repeat – grilled chicken, grilled mushrooms, zucchini and asparagus. All olive oil, salt, pepper, balsamic. SO good.

And we finally got to go strawberry picking!

They accidentally took us to the wrong field to pick in, so we basically had the place to ourselves. It was amazing.

This was by far the best year of picking, probably because Emilia is so much more independent now. We had such a lovely time.

Max was SO excited about it.

And we got strawberry donuts after!

Came home and binged on strawberries all afternoon.

I mean… don’t worry. Making a ton of recipes this week.

I haven’t given you an update on my sourdough starter! It’s still alive and well. Doing great actually. I haven’t attempted another bake in a few weeks since my dishwasher was broken – trying to avoid all necessary dishes! But I’m ready now.