Oooh sweet summertime.

These two munchkins! I cannot.

Their favorite snack all around.

Had a big muffin fail this week but they still taste good so there’s that.

We went on another early morning trip to a local farm.

Emilia loves the chickens and turkeys.

I finally baked another loaf of sourdough. 100% fail again. I’ve never had a successful loaf. But yet I keep the starter going for other things.

Grilled some salmon!

We tried this rain proof art that shows up on the sidewalk – only when it’s wet! It’s so cute.

Emilia had an ice cream party for her doggies.

And I grilled chicken for the millionth time this month.

Lots of veggies too!

Grilled vegetables are the best.

Had margaritas+guac with friends dining outdoors for the first time in months. It was verrrrry socially distanced.

Her tattoos make me smile so much.

We pulled into the driveway just as the kids favorite song came on, so they had a dance party in the back seat before we got out.

We celebrated my mom’s birthday this weekend!

Give me alllll the summer fruit.

This was summer salad PERFECTION! Really good. I think I’ll try to make it tomorrow so I can post it for you later this week. It’s such a wonderful quick, delicious summer greens salad.

Maybe went a little overboard when I ordered the cake? It’s all from bella christie.

It was so fun playing with cousins.

I mean this summer plate has two kinds of potatoes and two kinds of pasta so this is a definitely success, right? Oh and bread. Hahaha. And more noodles in the slaw. Wow.

It was actually a little cool this weekend too! Like we needed sweatshirts. My kind of weather.

Late night sheet pan s’mores. Pretty sure I should post how to make this since it made s’mores for 20 people in less than 5 minutes.

Made us egg in the hole breakfasts with grainy sourdough.

And used leftovers for sheet pan nachos. I’d say this weekend tasted pretty darn good.