You guys! June is almost over and it still feels like March.

It’s crazy. It’s officially summer and we are trying to enjoy it, but it still barely feels like June! I am totally stuck in spring in brain. Pre-quarantine, to be exact.

Max finally got a hair cut! He had not had one since right before Lacy’s wedding… on New Year’s Eve. OMG.

These cuties.

And these cuties too! We didn’t end up going in anywhere, but went with my mom to run an errand and they wanted to put on their masks while we waited.

We also visited the animals at the farm again and then got ice cream!

To which I realize… this was Emilia’s first actual cone. Impressive.

The sky was 100% incredible this week. Multiple times. If you didn’t know already, I’m straight up obsessed with sunsets.

Homemade acai bowl, yes please.

And sourdough bagels from a local bakery.

Finally had a quick little swim day!

And we made cards for Lacy’s birthday.

One night after Emilia went to bed, Max and I made this big playdough… thing. I don’t know what it is. I think he called it a firehouse. Haha.

Living for the 1990s trifle right now.

We had some family over for Father’s Day and these were our desserts.

Plus some caprese.

And maybe the best house salad I’ve ever made. We also had chicken drumsticks on the grill, hot dogs, mac and cheese, baked beans and grilled asparagus.

I can’t handle him. My little BFF.

I made Eddie strawberry pancakes for Father’s Day. They are his fave and we only ever make them when strawberries are in season.

And BBQ chicken and veggie skewers!

Never did I ever think that these would appeal to me. But it’s safe to say that I am now obsessed with vegetables. Remember when I started my blog and absolutely loathed them? Like, all of them? I am proof that this can be reversed! Just force yourself to eat them all the time.

I love their relationship. Even when they antagonize each other.

Oranges in her teeth and ready for a bath after playing outside. My heart!

And some classy ice cube rosé to end the weekend. xo