tuesday things

1. Pretty sure my kids are punking me because every time I clean the floors, five minutes later they ask to play with play doh. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

2. Really want this no churn blueberry pie ice cream.

3. I heard the cicadas are emerging again this year and I cannot handle that. Remember a few years ago when we got dive bombed by hundreds of cicadas on a Saturday afternoon – in our hair, on our clothes, everything? Skin crawling already.

4. We went to a farm one morning last week to see the animals and a fluffy cat walked by. Emilia screamed as loud as she could “MAMA IT’S A TIGER!” and started running towards the cat. It was both hilarious and maybe concerning that she’d run towards said tiger. This child loves animals.

5. TV things! One of the things we watched last week was the Lance Armstrong 30 for 30. Wow. It was good and kind of shocking too. Billions was boring again BUT!! Did anyone else catch the possible jealously between Axe and Wendy?!

6. I really want to create a free little library. I absolutely love this idea. I have seen a few around in neighboring towns (they were also then turned into canned goods pantries at the start of the pandemic!) but I would love to do a neighborhood one.

7. Current favorite lunch: toasted sourdough, almond butter, flaked salt, strawberries. Strawberry season strawberries are legit like candy. And we all know how I feel about fruit being dessert. Um no thanks.

8. 5 habits of productive people working at home. These are good.