tuesday things

1. Once a week or so we go to a local farm to see the animals. There are a few ponds so ducks are always roaming around and there are a bunch of very large white ducks. The first time Max saw one, he cried out “there’s an aflac!” I just about died. He now calls all white ducks aflacs. I hope he never stops. His brand awareness has always been over the top!

2. All I can think of right now is this whipped cookie dough tart. OMG.

3. Social distancing has made my love for entertaining even stronger, especially since we haven’t got to do much of it. I basically am hoping in 2021 that I can plan party at least once a month.

4. By the way, who else is still stuck in March or April? It doesn’t feel like it’s almost July. I feel like I’ll blink and it will be fall! Yesterday I got an email for holiday candles. What?!

5. The best ways to wash and dry your salad greens! This is everything because if I have prepped greens, I eat salad everyday. I mean, I’ve probably “decluttered” three salad spinners in my life and guess what I just ordered?

6. TV things! All I really watched this week was Yellowstone and oh my gosh… it’s still so good. I mean, my 90s Kevin-Costner-a-la-dancing-with-wolves self is obsessed. One word… Rip. Also! Here’s the new Babysitter’s Club trailer.

7. This happened to me early on in quarantine but now as I’m reading some of my favorite author’s novels this summer, I get furious that they aren’t social distancing. Ha! I’m like WAIT HOW ARE YOU TOUCHING AND TALKING?! I wonder how long it will take until we don’t think about that.

8. Why you get so tired working from home. Interesting and spot on.

9. All I want in life is a pebble ice machine. Do you have one?! We don’t have a space for one though, unless I want an ice maker in the laundry room.