Another week gone.

This week was a scorcher! Everyday in the 90s again until this weekend. It was HOT.

So lots of fun outside with water.

Fun inside with legos!

Big fail in the kitchen this week. Whomp whomp.

Had another big round of edits for the next book! Woohoo.

Playdough time. Now I just love their little tattoos on their arms.

Max must be craving cold temps because he made a snowman. Ha.

It’s also superheros day and night in our house.

They are my favorite.

Ice cream at lunch. Oh it was necessary this week.

Emilia, the photographer.

I made Eddie some homemade cookies and cream ice cream for the weekend.

He devoured it.

Socially distanced baseball.

Babka from my favorite little bakery!

This is 2020. Sitting outside the church in our car while one of our friends got married inside.

It briefly stopped raining so Max popped up to get a look at the bride.

Why is this picture so satisfying?

More of 2020: had cake and a little party for my brother who graduated (virtually) from Notre Dame this weekend.

Our basic boring-but-amazing grilled vegetables for dinner!

I also made this grilled zucchini dip from Elin Hildebrand – she posted it on her stories. You slice zucchini (I used 3 medium ones) into strips, grill it, then blend it in a food processor with a ton of fresh mint (like 1/2 cup), salt, pepper, lemon juice (1 T) and sour cream (1/2ish cup). I hope she puts the recipe in her highlights!

I made a version of Maria’s tortellini caesar salad for dinner too. It was SO GOOD.

Grilled sourdough, from the same bakery above.

Searching for a rainbow! Doggy had to come too. Don’t mind Max’s under armor gear from hockey.

This photo cracked me up. They make my life!

Isn’t this gorgeous? xo