How are we 30 weeks into 2020???

It’s so crazy – in ways this year has flown by and in other (obvious) ways it is dragging. Is anyone else completely dreading fall and winter? I’m just so afraid of what’s to come that I feel a sense of dread hanging over my head! I’m glad I have this weekly post to look back on and see what we did every single week in this insane year.

This is all of us right now, right? Teetering on the edge. Ha!

We are in the middle of what I can only say has to be a 2.5 year old sleep regression? Oh my gosh. Emilia is the best sleeper ever but the last two weeks has been hard. Both nights this weekend she was waking up like three or four times at night.

A sneak peak at the lemon butter chicken in my next book. Eddie requests this once a week.

Look at that storm blowing in.

Had to play in it!

Assorted legos. The kids love to color code them.

The build legos all day long if we are inside. Emilia is really getting creative with them.

A perfect summer lunch! Sourdough, mayo, cheddar, tomato, flaked salt.

Little friend.

Right now we are obsessed with aquabeads!! We discovered them through one of Max’s friends a few months ago. He loves doing them and it’s a fun craft he can do on his own too. Pretty sure I took this at 6:30am. Oye.

I made another batch of Elin Hilderbrand’s grilled zucchini dip! This one was even better and we devoured it. So good.

Also one of my summer staples. Corn, peaches, tomatoes, jalapenos… make it happen! A version of this is coming on the blog tomorrow too.

We had a few pool hours!

She cracks me up.

These cookies though. Perfect for a Saturday treat.

I think this lady likes my oregano.

YES. Grilled sunday veggies again.

And grilled sunday BBQ chicken too!

Hope you had a great week! xo