tuesday things

1. How incredible is this strawberry toast box?!

2. Do you have a favorite sweat proof (preferably clean beauty) face sunscreen? I love Elta MD and also use Skinceuticals tinted on my face. But outside in the 95 degree heat, everything pours in my eyes with sweat, even if I wear a hat. There is nothing worse than sunscreen in the eyes.

3. Not that I need another app on my phone but here are the best ones for when you need a five minute break.

4. Speaking of apps, what are the most used on your phone, other than social media? For me, it’s the notes app, the kindle app, canva and spotify.

5. The babysitter’s club taught me everything about literary fiction. Yes yes yes!

6. TV things! Yellowstone is soooo good right now – though I saw the end of that episode coming from a mile away. And I’m pretty sure we’ve watched Hamilton four times now too.

7. Why it’s important to read Black fiction. One of my favorite authors too!

8. My stay-at-home recipe brain is really working overtime because many of my recipe ideas come from eating in restaurants and traveling and well… that’s not happening! If you see me post jello shots, you know why. Ha! Kidding. Kinda.

9. Ways people are salvaging summer this year for their kids. I’ve had so many thoughts during quarantine like how I want to make sure we plan a vacation every summer for just the four or us, having an open invite sunday dinner every week where everyone can come over… etc. Any epiphanies for you come from quarantine?