tuesday things

1. The whole stay at home thing has me convinced that we should live on a ton of land and have huge gardens and raise chickens and just live in the middle of nowhere! Eddie won’t budge.

2. I really want to make this homemade fire cider tonic.

3. As someone who has over 100K photos on their phone (I KNOW)… I just discovered the search function in photos. I find it equally amazing and creepy that I can search for tomatoes and find a pic thanks to smartphones!

4. Is anyone else getting constant facebook and IG ads for cute shoes (like, heels) and dresses? To wear… nowhere?! I mean maybe I should just buy them to wear them around the house. At this point will I even wear a pair of heels for the rest of 2020?!

5. Oh but I am also getting ads for wall dispenser hand sanitizer units and def considered one of those for our house too. Ha.

6. 17 insanely easy habits to change your life! Literally put some of these in my phone notes.

7. TV Things! Who else is looovvvving Yellowstone so so much? The Beth/Rip scenes have been so incredible and really got me this week. Oh and don’t worry I also put on a few episodes of The Babysitter’s Club last week while I was editing photos. It’s so cute!

8. My usual excitement over school supples is obviously not really happening this year, though I did have to do a Target pick up and saw them all set up! I was verrrry tempted to get a bunch. You know, for home.

9. Home style tips we’ve learned from Nancy Meyers. Can I just live in one of her movies?!