This week!

It’s hard to believe we’re into August and right now we are actually on our annual northern michigan vacation. I am so grateful we are here and we’re still able to come! We just arrive this weekend so last week was a jumble of getting ready.

Okay let me tell you about making pesto. My herbs are killing it this year and I wanted to harvest some basil to make pesto for our trip. I got it all and wash it thoroughly – like in an apple cider vinegar/water bath and everything.

I thought I picked through every leaf and literally right before I threw it in the food processor, a lady bug crawled out. YES. After I spent 30+ minutes picking through, washing, drying, etc. How many ladybugs do you think we’ve consumed in our lifetime now?

Best summer combo on a homemade sourdough bagel!

We bought a cargo/turtle box for the roof of our car this year and it came in this giant box. Which was turned into a super fun activity.

Car wash before our trip!

The car ride was amazing – easily the best we’ve had since Max was born! It was wonderful. We only had to stop once too (Eddie and I basically dehydrated ourselves so we wouldn’t have to go to rest stops, ha) – and we stopped at Cabelas which was so clean, distanced and safe. Definitely the best place to stop!

Car views.

And then we made it!

This early morning scene is my favorite.

Annnnd the famous cherry donuts.

We’ve had a few gorgeous sunsets!

Couldn’t you just live in that photo?

Had a morning muffin stroll.

And a buckwheat caramelized onion and egg crepe. It’s amazing because most almost everywhere here is doing curbside pickup/takeout.

Again, we’ve spent the longest times at the beach that we have since Max was born! The kids are just at the most perfect age.

Emilia has no fear. She loves playing in the waves.

It’s just been the best. xo