Oh hi! Week 34 here we are!

I don’t have a ton of pics from the week! It was semi-busy and I also just forgot. Oops.

My little painter!

This was Max’s test run to see if he can open and use his lunch box. Ha!

Ooooh these babies are good.

We got smoothie bowls for work lunch one day!

I guess this is what happens when you have a brother? Legos everywhere.

We got take out from gaucho. It was incredible, as usual.

The corn, vegetables and pulled pork are always the best! Plus, all the sauces.

There were a few GORG sunsets last week.

Hmmm wonder where she gets her love of cheese?

Croissants from my favorite local micro bakery!

We had a little pool day. It was so nice.

My summer queen!

Why are they so old. :(

Same old boring grilled veg! Just too good.

And a little mini golf date. Our first ever!