Who else is trying to sneak in all the summer produce right now?!

This week’s menu is a major flavor explosion!

Let’s kick off the week with these grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers! They have a pistachio pesto that is incredible – and can totally be made ahead of time!

Grilled chicken strawberry poppyseed salad is up next! This is such a fresh, summery and satisfying salad. It’s a mix of sweet and savory and I absolutely love it.

This sheet pan pesto salmon is up next! It’s a one pan meal, but you can also roast some broccoli to go along with it too.

These super crispy baked quesadillas are one of my favorite meals to make. It’s a great clean-out-the-fridge meal too. You can use pantry ingredients, vegetables in the fridge, rotisserie chicken or whatever you love.

Next, try this creamy cajun chicken pasta. It’s an oldie but goodie and one that everyone loves. Leftovers are perfect too.

Finish off strong with these gorgonzola crusted steak salad. It’s a flavor explosion. Feel free to add in anything leftover from the week too.

For breakfasts, I really want to make a batch of this almond butter baked oatmeal. For lunch, still live it up with the tomato picnic toast!

What’s on your menu this week?!