tuesday things

1. Over the weekend I just realized… I wonder how long it will be before I wear heels again. Will I ever wear heels again? My closet is crying.

2. These s’mores pretzel bites are all I need.

3. I know that last week I said I wasn’t ready for fall at all, but maybe I’m just a leeeeeettle bit ready for fall candles? Just the candles people!

4. And I say this as there is actually halloween AND christmas stuff out now. It’s crazy. Part of me is hopeful for the cozy fall season but also… terrified.

5. The absolute best way to organize your freezer! Hello. I need to print this out and hang out in my kitchen.

6. TV things!! I can’t stop thinking about how incredible this season of Yellowstone is. And who else is watching Selling Sunset?!  Um, have you see this whole thing about a Saved By the Bell reboot? Not sure how I feel about it.

7. Why do I always think everyone is mad at me? This is good!

8. What recipes (or other things!) do you want to see in the fall season? Tell me, tell me!