tuesday things

1. Last week I did the worst thing ever. I washed the sheets… and forgot about them. Forgot about them in the way where you’re about to go up to bed, walk into your room, exhausted and then… remember. And they are STILL WET. There is nothing worse!

2. This island cake is absolutely mind blowing. Incredible!

3. Okay I’ve fully gone off the deep end with burning fall candles. It’s just such a nostalgic scent. I don’t want summer to end at all, but it gives me a little piece of normalcy. Umm also would you be interested in a favorite fall candle post? Ha.

4. How to avoid the sunday scaries. Guys, I had the sunday scaries before they were every called the sunday scaries. Literally my entire life! My mom would even try to talk me through it in elementary school. Even now when we aren’t going anywhere, I still get them. It’s wacky! But anyway – #1 on that list has been KEY for me.

5. TV things! WHAT the heck Yellowstone. I can’t believe a certain someone came back – I didn’t think that was going to end well. I’m also SO interested in what they are going to do to hang on to the land? Also, can someone tell me if our favorite shows will be back on this fall? Like a million little things?

6. Now that it’s been a few weeks, how are we feeling about instagram reels?

7. I had a great reading weekend after my reading lull – I blew through two books, one of them being Luster. OMG it was so good – I could not put it down. I started it late Saturday night and woke up to finish it Sunday morning. What are you reading right now?

8. Saw last night that this may be the end of fancy corporate attire and that more people than ever are wearing leggings for work (at home). So glad I started this trend in 2010!