tuesday things

1. This marbelous cookie looks absolutely unreal.

2. Out of everything we’re missing this year, theater is one thing I am missing the most. And I’ve read so many articles saying it’s the hardest event to bring back, so I just almost feel hopeless. My mom and I have season tickets to a broadway series here and we both just miss it so much!

3. Showing up even when you’re not feeling it. Love this.

4. Okay I’ve definitely fallen over the autumn cliff. I pinned tons of my favorite fall recipes this morning and I think it’s all downhill from here…

5. TV things. That episode of Yellowstone – OMG!! I can’t stop thinking about it. And while I am not exactly worried, I am curious and don’t want to wait a year. Can’t even handle how good that show is.

6. Just read somewhere that most millennials look at the period at the end of a sentence on texts as a bad thing. Relatable!

7. I love people’s daily routines. Here’s some tips to stay productive, happy and healthy during the week.

8. My sourdough starter is still going strong! Still haven’t made any more bread with it, but I do use it for other things. Secretly, I’m just excited to have a strong, stable starter to bake some bread in the fall. Side note: Eddie calls it my science project. Ha.