40 weeks of 2020!

We started the week with this gorgeous view on Monday morning! I see this tree everyday taking Max to school. I love it.

Made a batch and steel cut oats for the week and stirred in pumpkin butter.

It was a gorgeous week, weather wise.

Homework and coloring for everyone.

Takeout arugula parm salad. This was SO good, minus the rather aggressive chunks of onion.

We went to a local farm with some friends and had the place to ourselves for a bit.

The sunglasses + mask situation is a constant battle on my face.

Best sight.

These colors too.

We’ve been enjoying a ridiculous amount of apples around here.

And we all got our flu shots!

Autumn skies are the prettiest, right?! With the crazy dramatic clouds and all the colors.

Spent some time in our old halloween costumes. In case you need a flashback.

Took a little autumn drive too!

In some places, the color was incredible, but for the most part it’s still pretty green.

This makes me want to live in the forest.


Chicken tacos for dinner!

And on to the next week.