What a fun 41st week! I’m so glad I decided to document this year, out of alllll the years. Wowza.

Our favorite tree that we see everyday is starting to lose its leaves and I’m so sad! It’s gorgeous.

My little dish washing helper. I love it.

Looking through the lakeshore learning catalogue. I can’t even handle them!

Did you even get your car washed if you didn’t take a photo like this during it?

Halloween cookie decorating!

And haircut time for Max. This was only his second hair cut of the entire year!

We went to trax again. It’s my favorite place.

Hers too!

They have apple cider slushies too.

Still grilling our favorite veggies.

This is pumpkin cream gnocchi from DiAnoias. Served in actual pumpkin! We celebrated our wedding anniversary over the weekend and this was basically our dinner. Ha.

And these.

Went on a drive-through hayride with cousins! It was so fun.

Outside my brother’s house… gorgeous.

Pizza the size of his face after hockey.

And I made a batch of my bolognese for sunday dinner! We had it with banza pasta, sourdough, salad – it was perfection.