Lovely week here for #42!

Max had the day off from school on Monday, so I took the kids to triple b farms. They had so much fun!

We literally got lost in the corn maze. I’m not even kidding! Did not think we would find our way out at all.

Even though the events were outside, masks were still required. It was pretty crowded, but easy to distance and my kids love their masks.

I had to make them take them off for this one… ha!

Why are they so big?!

We went on the hayride…

And finished with apple cider donuts!

It was SO fun. Monday is always an insane work day for me but I basically played hooky and we went last minute.

Hmmm what else. I made my tomato soup this past week!

And I made Eddie chicken parm… one of his favorite meals ever.

Emilia wanted to be hidden inside a pillow and blanket fort.

And she has so much fun playing in and collecting leaves.

We made sugar cookies!

I can’t frost to save my life but they were good.

The leaves are the most gorgeous they have been in years!

My mom and I ventured to homegoods and at home. Cutest gingerbread stuff ever.

Promise I’ll stop with the pumpkin spam soon! How was your week?!