october favorites

Here’s a peek at everything I loved in October 2020! xo


My red apple cider sangria. I don’t think there is a better cocktail out there for this season. It’s so warm and spiced and delicious.

Double Gloucester Cheese. If you’ve never had this cheese… omg. RUN and get it. We used this in my crackling caramel cheese board and while I’ve had it before, it was just so incredible this time around. It has chives in it and the flavor is unreal. You can most likely find it at fancier cheese counter, a whole foods or possibly even your local grocery store.

Pumpkin dream cake. It’s the BEST EVER. People go wild over this cake and it’s


Sorel Lola II Stud Bootie. Okay it’s no secret how much I adore my Sorel Wedge Chelsea Boot. I have them in two colors and have worn them for years. They have amazing tread if you live in a place with cold winters and are just amazing! My obsession with Sorel is never ending, so I grabbed these booties and ADORE them. Again – the tread is wonderful and there is no slipping in these. But they are comfy and cute too!

Sorel Go Errand Run Slipper. Now these don’t replace the vionic slippers I told you about last month (those are for indoors), but these are errand running shoes and they could not be more warm and comfortable. Remember my obsession with the ugly faux fur slides from Target the last three years? Like they were hideous but I loved them anyway? These replace those. They have SO much more support, major tread on the bottom and are super comfortable. They are also cuter on then I expected. And the quality is a million times better.

Luxe Layer Long Sleeve Tee. These are the PERFECT layering tees for fall and winter because they are fitted and snug but ridiculously soft. The black is slightly see through (not terribly, just a bit!) so it is best for layering, but it’s also amazing for lounging around the house. I mean, what else can we do right now?


Mariah Carey’s Memoir. This might be my favorite book of 2020. I cannot stop thinking about it. I will write more about in a few day in my October book post, but it was just SO good. I highly suggest listening to the audio version because she narrates it – she sings often and the emotion in her voice is just so moving.

On that same note, I have been listening to all of Mariah’s old albums on spotify. Like the ones from when I was ten years old that I loved! Her self-titled, then also Butterfly, Daydream, Music Box, etc. And E = MC2 is probably one of my favorite albums of all time, if only because we had it on repeat the year we got engaged.


Nest Pumpkin Chai Candle. One of my OG favorites! I think of this more like a late October/November candle, so I’ve been burning it lately and it’s just so wondering. Fills up the entire house.

Bodum Double Wall Glasses. I’ve talked about these for years but they are my faaaavorite cup for hot coffee. Now that it’s hot coffee season (thought I will always prefer iced forever!), this is all that I use. They are perfect.

Ring light webcam. If you are doing a ton of virtual meetings right now on zoom, you NEED this ring light webcam. It’s almost like using an instagram filter – the light is just so good. And it makes you look AWAKE! And like you haven’t been stuck at home for 9 months.


Superhero slap bracelets. Last month Max got a slap bracelet as a prize in school and I just about died. Hello 90s! He loved it so much, and Emilia loved it too. I surprised them with superhero slap bracelets and they lost their minds. This came with 9, so I set the others aside for stocking stuffers and other special occasions (like after they got their flu shot, haha).

Matching holiday PJs! Like the psycho that I am, I order matching christmas PJs for my kids extremely early (and uh, more than one pair – I also do this for every holiday, actually) – because all the ones I love sell out fast. So I figured I’d mention some of the ones I love here! I got these vintage santa ones from smockingbird, these gingerbread superheros from gap (max is obsessed) and the baking PJs from hanna andersson.

Cat & Jack star booties. Emilia looovvvees shoes and especially loves boots. These holographic star booties are so adorable. She wore them for our family pictures and they are too cute.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]