tuesday things

1. Eddie turned on Ferris Bueller the other day and Max was in the room. He said “look at him using that funny thing as a phone!” OMG. It WAS a phone. Ha!

2. Cutest halloween brown sugar breakfast tarts! Adorable.

3. Do you ever suffer from imposter syndrome? I constantly do. I love these seven things to do when it creeps in.

4. Since it’s Halloween candy season, I just have to say – remember in the 90s when there were different flavors of Twix? Like peanut butter and cookies and creamy and mint?!

5. I’m very into Rachel’s detail into unscented taper candles! I actually bought some at the start of fall and love some of this inspo.

6. TV things!! I am soooo excited for the few shows that are returning but in the meantime, I started The Politician on Netflix! Have you watched?

7. Ally Love’s story of fighting for life is incredible.

8. Last week I did something dumb and totally apologized for something that wasn’t my fault. The most frustrating thing EVER.

9. Finding freedom in everything you do. Love.