what I read in september 2020

I had a great reading month! Not a lot of books, but really GOOD books. Really enjoyed everything on the list this month!

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What I Read In September 2020

One To Watch – 5 stars

This was our September book club pick and I loved it. The story follows a fashion blogger who ends up on a Bachelor-esque dating show. It’s super cute and no where near as cheesy as it sounds. There is actually some depth to this book even though it is an enjoyable light read. If you’ve ever been in a relationship that you just can’t get away from, you will relate to this. It’s a good one.

Transcendent Kingdom – 5 stars

Just finished this one late last night and also loved it. This is a more serious read than what I usually find myself with, but I ended up enjoying it so much, as heartbreaking as parts are. The story follows a student who is studying behavior in mice, trying to make sense of the addition issues that plague her family. I LOVED this writing. I also loved the struggle between science and faith (and could relate to that too). This book is sad and heartbreaking, but at the same time, so good I couldn’t stop reading.

The Roommate – 3.5 stars

Complete change of pace from the above! The story follows two strangers who are complete opposites (one is sort of awkward, one is um, a… film star.. of sorts! ha!) and end up living together. I love an opposites attract story! This was a light, easy and fun read – and definitely on the steamy side. I really liked it and it was nice to get lost in something sort of mind numbingly easy for a few days!

The Heir Affair – 4 Stars

Oooh I was so excited about this! This is the sequel to The Royal We which I loved so much! It’s considered royal fan-fiction and I mean, who can say no to that? I did enjoy this but ddn’t love it anywhere near as much as The Royal We. I also read that so long ago that I found myself having to go back and kind of re-read parts of it (which was fun!). I think it’s crazy how much as happened in the actual royal family between the first book and the second. If you loved The Royal We, you”ll enjoy this. As a note, you should read The Royal We first!

What did you read this month?