2020 kitchen gift guide by howsweeteats


My 2020 kitchen gift guide is here! It’s chock full of everything I’ve loved this year and a bunch of things I’ll be gifting to family and friends.


Five Two Wooden Spoons. These are my favorite wooden spoons to use in the kitchen. Definitely the best!

Five Two Essential Kitchen Towels. Also, my favorite kitchen towels.

Cheese Vault. I LOVE this cheese vault. A great way to keep it fresh in the fridge.

Lotus Serving Board. This is the cutest board to do cheese and fruit – you can also make the prettiest rainbow fruit flower on here.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer. A classic. I love the version with the glass bowl. It’s so beautiful.

Staub 7×6 Baking Dish. This size of baking dish is fantastic if you live alone, know someone who lives alone or cook for two often. It’s the best size!

Global Knife Block Set. If you are looking for the BEST knives, these are it. The block is rather pricey, but it lasts forever (literally). You can also buy global knives separately and they are fantastic. Great for the serious cook.

Food52 GreenPans. My absolute FAVORITE everyday pans. I’ve used these for over a year now and they are incredible quality. 

The Always Pan. This is another pan I love – it can braise, sear, steam, boil and more. The only thing it can’t do is go in the oven.

Herb Infuser. If you know someone who loves to grow their own herb garden, this is perfect.

Fondue for 2 Set. I adore my fondue set but it’s big. This set for two is lovely and perfect for date night at home. Cheese or chocolate!

Smeg Juicer. This has been a favorite of mine for years now. It’s incredible for juicing citrus and easy to use. We adore it. 

Estelle Stemless Wine Glasses. The Estelle glasses are absolutely STUNNING. They are pretty enough to display at all times.

Assorted Silicone Lids. My aunt bought these for me one Christmas and it was such a fantastic gift. I use these weekly when I can’t find a lid or am using a pan without one. They are great. 

Indoor S’mores Kit. I bought this earlier this year because I thought the kids would love it and I was right. This is so fun, especially if you live somewhere that has cold winters. You can also just set it up on your patio!

Compact Cheese Board. One of my favorite boards for serving. It expands but you can keep it compact for storage.

Mimosa Sugar Cubes. Absolutely love these as a hostess gift!

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses. Tequila is my drink of choice. These with a bottle of casa amigos would make an incredible gift.

Ooni Pizza Oven. You may remember a few years ago when I bought Eddie this pizza oven. We adore it. It makes woodfired pizza spectacularly! 

Mackenzie Childs Stock Pot. This is my favorite stock pot, especially because it doubles as decor. It’s on my stove top permanently. 

Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit. If you know someone who loves to bake, this is a fun project or experience. Lacy bought this for Max last year for his birthday and we had a blast making it together.

Luxardo Cherries. Fancy, over-the-top cherries that everyone loves but no one wants to buy for themselves. 

Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven. I love this dutch oven, especially with the gold topper. Its’ excellent quality. 

Electric Pour Over Kettle. This kettle is stunning – beautiful enough to keep out. 

Gold Touch Baking Sheets. My all-time favorite baking sheets.

Kale Razor. I adore this for removing kale from its stems. It’s a game-changer.

Finex Cast Iron Skillet. My favorite cast iron skillet. Use it constantly. 

Le Creuset Cast Iron Braiser. This braiser is the perfect size when you need a heavy bottomed pot but don’t need something as large as a stock pot.

Breville Smart Oven Air. This oven is quite the splurge, but it’s a toaster oven and air fryer in one. It does everything. 

Raw Honeycomb. This is a cheeseboard staple and SUCH a treat, but it’s fairly pricey to buy for yourself. It makes a great gift!

Truffle Hot Sauce. Last year I gifted 3 bottles of this. It is AMAZING! There are different versions and gift sets too!

Spice Grinder. This spice grinder is pretty enough to keep out! And it’s by one of my favorite brands.

Vineglace Wine Chiller. I used this in the summer constantly. It’s a wine insulator and fits around an entire bottle. I love for champagne and presecco. 

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me! There are a few general affiliate links above. Thank you for reading! xo]