tuesday things

1. Pretty sure I may be putting up my kitchen christmas tree tonight! Cue the excitement. I’m not really in the MOOD to decorate (anyone else feel this?!), but want to see all the Christmas sparkle!

2. This pomegranate meringue pie is stunning.

3. I found it insanely hard to concentrate on a book last week! What are you reading right now? I started the twelve dates of christmas. I have to finished 10 books by the end of the year to hit my reading goal!

4. My brother and SIL got Emilia a giant stuffed dog that is on all fours for her birthday. She LOVES dogs. Anyway – about 50 times a day now I jump out of my skin because I think it’s real. Eddie does too! It’s pretty funny.

5. Oh yes! How to stay engaged with work when you feel like checking out.

6. TV Things!! Well let’s just say that I’ve spiraled into Netflix Christmas because I’ve now also watched Midnight at the Magnolia. It was very cute and Hallmarky. I also can’t wait until Happiest Season comes out on Hulu! It looks so good.

7. Last week I had my annual physical and told my doctor about some anxiety I’d been experiencing. She suggested meditation (multiple times in the convo, actually!) and while I’ve tried it before, I think I’m more committed to it now. I love this: the importance of meditation in crazy times.

8. I’ve been using an academic year planner for the last two years but am considering switching in January for a legit fresh start… ha. I mean, is it even worth it to try and use a planner in January… Ha!