Halloween week!

Hello from captain america and princess elsa.

We had so many rainy, gloomy days this week. It was rough.

Color is still pretty!

My little BFF “working” next to me working on the couch.

And my other little BFF reading.

Sourdough starter is still going strong!

We have more leaves than should be allowed.

She misses Max so much when he is at school. We all do!

Eddie is a pumpkin carving specialist.

And he went a little wild with the spider webs this year.

Trick or treat babies!

Made a chili bar for our family that came over. This picture does not do it justice, haha. All of the toppings are over to the left.

Into the unknoooooown!

Choose your own adventure candy bars.

I am totally starting to listen to Christmas music now!