I am so, so excited to bring you the annual HowSweetEats Thanksgiving series! Along with my best Thanksgiving kitchen tools.

howsweeteats thanksgiving kitchen essentials guide

The theme of this year’s Thanksgiving? The CLASSICS.

Give me all the best of the best. 2020 is a trainwreck and I want all the nostalgic, comforting flavors. I don’t want chives and garlic in my mashed potatoes or cherries in my stuffing. I want good old classic favorites (with the exception of dessert? Haha!) that give me the perfect Thanksgiving plate – and that’s what I’m bringing you this week. All the best.

As usual, you’ll find a new recipe everything single day, finishing with the full menu and a timeline of how and when to prepare everything. A guide to Thanksgiving week, so it’s not stressful to the max.


I know this year looks so different than the rest.

howsweeteats thanksgiving kitchen essentials guide

So many people will be celebrating the holiday in different ways. As of right now, we are having Thanksgiving with our parents since we all live close to each other. Now that could change at any moment, but even if it does, I still plan on cooking a Thanksgiving dinner and I will deliver it to our families! Whether it’s with your family in your household or out of your house, your quarantine pod, yourself or a virtual T Day party – I hear you. I get it.

For the recipes to come, I’ll be giving you notes in the recipe card on cutting the recipe in half or tips to stretch the recipe and use leftovers. At the end of this series, I’m also going to provide you with a few different meals that AREN’T Thanksgiving food, but ARE delicious and swoon worthy, in case you want to cook something special but in no way roast a turkey. I’ve got you!

But first! Let’s kick things off with perhaps the most important part: Thanksgiving kitchen essentials! Because these are, well… essential to prepping a big meal. And you don’t want to be searching for something minutes before (or, um, after) you need it. So I present to you…

howsweeteats thanksgiving kitchen essentials guide

My Thanksgiving Kitchen Essentials

While practically EVERYTHING gets used in my kitchen on Thanksgiving (and the week prior!), these are the ones that I can’t live without. The meal has to happen with these things! The below are all the items that I use in my kitchen – so they are personally tested by me!

[note: there are some affiliate links above. this post is in no one way sponsored!]

howsweeteats thanksgiving kitchen essentials guide

I’ll be sure to add to this list if anything comes up!