What a FANTASTIC week!

We had birthdays all around and made history at the same time.

Our weather went from chilly to sunny and beautiful!

I waited in line for 2.5 hours to vote! It was cool but gorgeous out and actually kind of nice to be in the fresh air so long.

Then we started this one’s birthday celebrations!

She opened a frozen castle before Max went to school…

And had the best day ever! It’s kind of the Emilia show this week.

I had to go stalk the target christmas decor.

And my mom and I went to sewickley creek greenhouse which is christmas HEAVEN right now.

Then I started on a frozen balloon garland for Emilia’s party.

Had to get a holiday cup too. This line was almost as long as the one to vote.

Friday night skies.

And cousins!

We just had our parents and siblings for Emilia’s birthday.

With the best cake and cookies from bella christie.

She couldn’t believe the party was for her!

Yesterday was also my birthday and today is my dad’s! I love that we all have these November birthdays. The icing on the cake was having the first woman voted into vice presidency – which I think we can all agree is something incredible to celebrate. It was the best day.

Lacy brought me this cacio e pepe sourdough. OH MY GOSH.  It was as insane as it sounds.

And speaking of Lacy, I made her a batch of my lactation cookies because she is about to have a baby ANY MOMENT. Eeeep!

What a wonderful week!