howsweeteats 2020 gift guide under $25

Gift guide week is HERE! We’re kicking this off with the best stocking stuffer gifts – these gifts are all under $25!

This is always my favorite gift guide to make. It’s easily the price range where I find myself buying the most gifts – whether it’s for a grab bag family gift (we pick names in a few instances in our family and it’s GREAT – highly suggest doing this in 2020 if you haven’t yet. It’s a great to cut costs.), a stocking stuffer, a work gift, etc.

Most of the things you’ll find in my gifts guides won’t be a huge surprise – I’ve talked about lots of them throughout the year in my monthly favorites posts. However, I’ve scoured the internet and all my favorite stores to curate a guide of things I really, truly love, and would enjoy gifting or getting. This is my favorite list!

Also. I know 2020 has been such a tough year. If you’re not doing gifts this year, I totally understand. We are still doing certain gifts in our family, though some things are scaled back. As usual, I’m sharing gift guides in addition to my regular content, so if these aren’t of interest to you, there will still be new recipes and/or Crumbs content every day!

2020 Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide – My Favorite Gifts Under $25

The Pretty Dish! My cookbook is often on sale for less than $25 – including right now! Check back frequently to grab it!

Stasher bags. These are one of my favorite kitchen items. Stasher bags are perfect for anything you’d normally use a disposable ziplock for. We love them!

Mini jar candle. Voluspa makes some of my favorite candles ever, and you can’t beat the candy cane scent. Plus, it’s really pretty.

Lily and Val recipe print. I LOVE love love these so much – she has many different recipe versions and they are so beautiful!

Travel mug. The porter brand makes many of my favorite items in the kitchen – as evidenced below. Their mugs are WONDERFUL and I use one many mornings when I take Max to school.

Brown butter truffle honey. Well this combination is the absolute dream. 

Essential oil towelettes. I’ve used these towelettes since well before the pandemic hit. They have incredible scent (lemon and orange are my go-to) and are so fresh and bright. I keep them in my car and my purse.

Screen cleansing towelettes. On another note, these are the towelettes I use for cleaning my phone. The packaging is adorable too. I love these for stocking stuffers.

100 things to do after quarantine. Pretty sure we all need this so we have something to look forward to. 

One color a day sketchbook. I am not an artist or even someone who loves to draw, but I love the premise of this. Use one color to paint and reflect your day. It’s almost like a one word a day journal, but with color. 

Beeswax food wraps. If you’re trying to use less plastic, these are amazing. You can use them to wrap product, bread or even cheese and stick them in the fridge. They are reusable and wonderful. 

Travel utensil set. Another porter produce that we love! Eddie has these for work and it’s a great way to keep your travel silverware together.

Votes for women puzzle. 2020 has been the year of puzzles for us. Love this one for it’s obvious message, but I also like that it’s round!

Popcorn on the cob. This is one of my most frequently purchased stocking stuffers. Simply gift one of the corn on the cobs and you have a big bowl of popcorn.

Barefoot Dreams socks. My grandma gifted us a pair of socks every year and the idea still has a special place in my heart. I love gifting socks, as weird as it may sound.

Wine tool kit. We gift one of these every year to someone, whether it’s for work grab bags or a family member. It’s the best.

Provisions Road Trip kit. I love all the provisions mini kits, and this road trip version is perfect. Especially if you’re not traveling right now.

54 Thrones hand & body butter. This is by far my favorite hand cream. It’s in my kitchen catch-add drawer and I use it everyday. It’s ridiculously moisturizing and smells incredible! 

RBG paper doll. Enough said! How fun would this be for a girlfriend or daughter?

Fancy hot cocoa mix. This is something else I love to gift – especially as a hostess gift. I often do the williams sonoma hot chocolate but am excited to try Compartes this year because I adore their chocolate.

Baggu nylon tote. These reusable, packable totes are a staple of mine. They pack up to nothing and they are so lightweight. There are a million colors and designs too!

Gradient puzzle. The gradient puzzle was also a hit with us this year. These ones are HARD. But if you need something to keep you off your phone and keep your hands busy… this is it. 

Envelope sticky notes. I am the queen of the post-it.

Spark ideas box. I absolutely love this gift. It kind of combines the idea of a tangible gift with an experience gift.  

Shiny dinosaur dominos. During early quarantine, our whole family really got into dominos. I am obsessed with these shiny dinosaur ones.

Fancy potholders. My mom is the queen of gifting pot holders for Christmas. She gets us all one every year. Seriously, if it wasn’t for her, I’d probably have none in my kitchen. This is a great gift – no one wants to buy them, but everyone needs them!

Glass straws. My favorite reusable straws are the glass hummingbird straws. I love that you can see inside and can tell if they are clean or not. 

Milk & oatmeal Bar Soap. This scent is one I adore – warm, almond like, soothing milk and oatmeal. It’s so good.

Oversized latte mug. Because in 2020, we’ve all required coffee the size of our head. 

Teacup tea towel. This Mackenzie Childs teacup towel is so, so cute. I love to have a piece in my kitchen and this is a bold towel without adding something permanent. 

Pastel highlighters. I love nothing more than good old fashioned pen and paper. And when something needs to be highlighted, these are what I use. They are so pretty.

Dottie vase. This is another hostess gift I love. Grab a vase and fill it with a few fresh flowers – then give it once you’re there.

Porter salad bowl. I know, ANOTHER porter product. These are just such high quality and make incredible gifts. This bowl is perfect for the work week. Whether you work in or outside of the home, prepping lunch ahead is a key to success. I make salads for lunch (minus the dressing) and store them in here and they stay great for 2-3 days. 

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me! There are a few general affiliate links above. Thank you for reading! xo]