49 weeks into 2020! How crazy.

This first week of December was a good one! We got our first snow! We made gingerbread houses! The elf returned! We celebrated St Nick’s Day!

The night before it snowed, Max wanted to color snowflakes. I can’t even express how much this boy loves art. There are literally pictures hanging all over our house because he either draws something or prints it out and colors it then hangs it on the wall. Any wall! Ha.

Overnight, the snow came!

I absolutely LOVE snow in December.

The Irish Cream Cold Brew came back to Starbucks and I couldn’t remember if I liked it last year, so I got it again. Eh, it’s okay! I didn’t think it had a ton of flavor.

My extent for snow art.

Her little face.

She is so funny in the snow.

Max obviously adores it.

Sad mini snowman, haha.

Made a how sweet house salad, OF COURSE.

And crispy smashed potatoes too.

Sparkle snow is my fave. This was the next morning!

Our elf returned and Eddie 100% manages it. He is super creative and has the best ideas – also spends hours at night setting it up!

The kids go crazy for it.

For our advent calendars this year we got these ones that have a book everyday. The kids also love these!

Friday night we had a movie night on a floor.

Saturday night we made mini gingerbread houses. The kids did them all by themselves.

St Nicholas came and left some gold coins in their shoes!


Now to try and not eat chocolate for breakfast… !