december favorites

Here’s a peek at everything I loved in November and December 2020! xo


Lake Champlain Hot Chocolate. I discovered this on Rachel’s blog, and the kids are very into hot chocolate this year. OMG – this is incredible! It’s rich and wonderful. Super good!

Daily Harvest Smoothies. I can finally talk about how much I’ve been consuming these again now that I’m pregnant. My favorite is the strawberry peach, but so many of them are good! I’ve had a subscription for years but had it paused for awhile last year. So glad I bought it back.


Leith Long Cardigan. This is about the least fashion-y favorites I’ve ever had, but eh… 2020. I bought this cardigan at the nordstrom sale in the summer and LOVE it right now. It’s kind of like wearing a light robe during the day but cuter. I’m obsessed!

Black Uggs. These could also be the least fashionable item ever, but every few years I need to get a new pair of black uggs and they are a lifesaver in this cold. I LIVE in these in the winter here. Plus, they are black so they aren’t THAT bad, right? They are basically my giant winter slippers, haha. I wouldn’t wear them OUT out, but I love them for wearing around the house and quick errands, which basically consists of picking up curbside groceries these days.

Faux Fur Slides. While we’re on the topic of ugly shoes… the last few years I’ve bought the (even uglier) version of these from Target. They are just so comfortable and perfect for running errands as long as there is no snow. This year I bought the amazon version and they def could pass for the gucci dupe from afar. The faux fur is fluffier and they are a bit cuter even though I still kind of hate them. They’re just so easy to wear!


Leslie Odom Jr Christmas Album. I’ve been listening to this since it released in early November and it’s SO good. I just love him so much. Def still on repeat here!

This Time Next Year. I read a lot of holiday books this month but this was probably my fave! Super cute.

Virgin River Season 2! Oh my gosh. I think I’ve rewatched the second season two more times. It’s SO good – just as good as the first, if not better!


Thymes Fraiser Fir Candle. My favorite winter/holiday scent. I adore this and it smells as authentic to a christmas tree as you can get.

iRoller Touchscreen Cleaner. I grabbed this while christmas shopping and am blown away at how great it cleans my phone, computer and iPad. Why have I not had one of these until now?

Renpho Eye Massager. I was sucked in by an IG ad or something for this – and ordered them. They are amazing. If you get tension or sinus headaches, these massage the area around your eyes and it’s awesome. Soothing and relaxing.

Kasa Smart Plugs. I use these most during the holiday season – I like to use them for all of our decor and lights, so then I can group them together for Alexa and turn on all the lights at once. They’re perfect! Def grab these for next year.


Smockingbird PJs. I fell in love with smockingbird PJs for the kids this year! They are so soft and buttery. I don’t love their regular clothes, but their PJs are so cute and great quality – kind of seems like they are trying to be Beaufort Bonnet but with a lower price point.

Sight Words Wipe and Clean Book. Max LOVES these wipe clean books and they really help with his reading and writing too. He’s had some others for a few years but I got him this one on sight words and got emilia and preschool one. They are huge hits!

Christmas Village Wimmelbook. I’ve talked about these books for years – both of my kids, even Max, LOVE them. I was so excited to see a christmas version this year. These keep them entertaining for so long and they love looking at them together. These books are also great for long car rides.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]