1. The above is a great depiction of our meals over the last give days.

2. And our living room is still a toy explosion. I can’t get it under control! If I go missing, you can find my buried under the toys.

3. Are you a tree-down before or after new year’s person? For me, it’s always done AFTER! At least a week or two. Growing up, this week between the holidays was the epitome of christmas for us – not before! I also love the twinkle lights too much to take them down already.

4. This flourless red velvet cake looks insane!

5. Every since switching to an academic year planner last year, I still get the new planner itch in December/January. I still use the passion planner (and adore it) but am curious which one you’re using for 2021!

6. Now that I spilled the baby news, I can tell you that I haven’t had caffeine in a few weeks and oh man, how I miss it. I only drink 1 cup a day and did so while pregnant with the others, but a few weeks ago I just couldn’t get ahold of my anxiety and it was the only thing I really had to cut out. I’m hoping to add it back in soon but man do I just miss the ritual!

7. TV things! I started Bridgerton last night and it’s so good. I didn’t think I’d like it because movies/shows/period dramas like that are just not my thing. But wow I loved it! Have you watched?!

8. What resolutions look like in 2021. Man, I want to make some but I also don’t know if I should! The overarching feeling I had in 2020 was that I just wasn’t accomplishing anything, you know?!

9. I couldn’t be more excited that I not only hit my reading goal for 2020, but that I also actually recorded it all and shared what I read every month! I JUST hit the goal so I don’t think I can add many more to my goal for 2021. I read 75 books this year – but maybe I can up it to 80 books.