tuesday things

1. I cannot handle how happy these mugs make me.

2. Did you get any black friday, small business sat or cyber monday sales? I just couldn’t handle searching through it all – it was so overwhelming! I finished some holiday shopping but nothing too impressive. I did get a few things on saturday from some of my faves.

3. Majorly craving this sweet potato bisque with crispy white beans!

4. Today our elf on the shelf returned! Remember when I used to talk about wanting to do the elf long before I had kids? Ha! You can find my entire life contents here on this blog, FYI. ANYWAY – we don’t use the elf as a behavior thing, but just a fun christmas thing. Eddie is the one who does the elf every night and he loves it!

5. 4 reasons to stop being a perfectionist! Truth.

6. TV things! I have never been so excited to have Virgin River back on. OMG. I binged it in one sitting (stayed up way too late) and then started to watch it again. I just love it so much. And it was nice to watch a show that seemed more like regular old life.

7. I am so tempted to get a nespresso with the milk frother attached. Not the separate one that you can get with it – the one that fits in the machine. This seems like heaven on earth!

8. There are so many traditions this season that I’m sad we will be missing, but I also think it’s a good time to start new traditions at home. Is there anything special you’re doing for this holiday season to try and keep it magical?!