tuesday things

1. Snow globe cupcakes! These are absolute perfection!

2. There’s a meme about Home Alone going around and how unrealistic it is – I couldn’t agree more. How do THAT many people sleep in on the day of a trip?! I mean, we can’t sleep past six in this house.

3. How to have a festive pandemic holiday!

4. Did you see the “christmas star” last night when the planets aligned?! Max was SO excited about it because they talked a lot about it in school. Unfortunately, it was super rainy and cloudy here so we couldn’t see!

5. TV things!! I loathed the Grey’s finale! Also didn’t love a Million Little Things. I watched a California Christmas on netflix, it was okay! I need some Christmas movie binging in my life tonight.

6. 8 practices to get calm and still. Love this.

7. As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse, the pantone colors of the year for 2021 are gray and yellow. What? No thanks! (If you can’t tell, I will never get over the fabulous radiant orchid. Ha!)

8. WAIT! It does get worse. Nancy Meyers may never make another movie again! Noooo.