what i read in december 2020

This was a great reading month! I managed to JUST hit my reading goal for 2020 of 75 books. While I didn’t read any knockouts this month, I really liked most of what I read.

Now that I’ve shared that I’m pregnant, I can share that it’s the reason I was able to hit my goal! When I was pregnant with Emilia, reading was one of the only things I could do to distract myself from the nausea. Same went for this time too. I also have had major pregnancy insomnia, so I’ve read a ton at night. There have been many nights where I’ve been awake from 12-5 or 3-7, so I just read! Almost a blessing in disguise because I don’t know if I would have hit my 2020 reading goal during these busy months.

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What I Read in December 2020

Christmas At The Island Hotel – 3 stars

I downloaded this on a whim when I was dying for more Christmas books. The story follows a family who is getting their new hotel ready for the holiday season. I LOVED the setting here – on an island between Scotland and Norway. Wish I could be there right now! I did like a lot of the characters at the hotel but ultimately I just couldn’t get into this one. It was a pretty quick read for me but I never felt HOOKED, you know? I wasn’t very invested in this story which was a bummer.

Leave The World Behind – 4 stars

Oh my gosh, I don’t even know how to explain this book. Given my hope to read only holidayish happy things this month, I REALLY wanted to read this one – but perhaps it could have waited until January or February. I think this book is considered a psychological thriller, but it also deals with racism and how people act and respond during a tragedy. The story follows a family who rents a vacation home, but shortly after “something” happens. The frustrating thing is that we are never told WHAT happens – is it some sort of terrorism or chemical warfare or something? Very weird things start happening (honestly it was freaky) and what made me crazy is that we get NO solution at the end! However, the book is still good and the writing is amazing. Def recommend, maybe just not at the holidays, haha.

This Close To Okay – 4.5 stars

Ooooh I loved this one! FYI this is an early release that I got through Book of the Month – it doesn’t come out until February. The story follows two strangers who meet under… interesting (!) and possibly devastating circumstances. There are some truths held back and a twist and this is just such a great story. The book jacket mentions the magic of human connection and I have no other words to describe it – that is the perfect description. Loved the ending of this so much. Definitely grab it when it comes out!

Jingle Wars – 2.5 stars

Oh man I wish I had better things to say about this, I hate giving a not-so-favoroable review. This story was cute – it was just a little too harlequin romance-ish for me. I love a romance novel but lean more towards women’s fiction over true gritty romance. For instance, the word “boning” is used more than once and I just couldn’t get past a lot of the language. Haha that makes me feel so old but I don’t know how else to describe it. I do love a steamy novel (hello, Idea of You!) but I just couldn’t do it with this one, it was a bit too raunchy.

This Time Next Year – 4 stars

Really enjoyed this one!! It was super cute. The story follows two people who were born at the same time and continue to run into each other with many coincidences. I really loved this story AND I loved the characters! It kind of had a bit of One Day In December vibe, but I may have even liked it more than that. I loved the storylines of both main characters and it was such a cute, feel good read that I needed in December.

Faking Under The Mistletoe – 4 stars

See how into Christmas reads I am? This was another super cute one. I have a hard time giving anything 5 stars because I hold Elin Hilderbrand’s Winter Street series in such high regard. But this was adorable! It follows Olivia who is obsessed with Christmas (so naturally I was obsessed with her) and gets entangled with her boss. I loved the story, it was super Christmasy and another light, feel-good read.