Annnd we’re back at the start of a new year!

I am so excited to share this weekly post again! Never would I have ever expected what was to come of 2020. Now I looked back on those first three months of the year when life was “normal” and it’s crazy to see. I always love seeing what we did throughout the year, and seeing how much the kids grew (sob!). Hoping to keep it up again all this year!

Max got a spirograph for Christmas! It’s definitely a learning curve for him but he loves it.

He was obsessed with making muffins this week. He chose pumpkin! Oh my gosh, these might be the best pumpkin muffins I have EVER! made. Want to share the recipe but pumpkin season is basically over. Do I want until next year?!

I mean we had to add chocolate chips…

Had a few warmer days so had to break out the new chalk from santa.

I mean how fun is pizza chalk?!

Took a quick run to target and was happy to see some Valentine’s Day stuff out!

Lacy brought the kids treats when we exchanged gifts with baby Cooper!

We sat in front of grandma’s tree for a bit.

On NYE I made this insane hot lobster dip. Dying to share this recipe too!!

Also made some sheet pan nachos, which has kind of become our NYE go-to.

And pork on New Year’s Day. Bring us all the good luck possible!

Pretty amazing when your older brother helps you build your Frozen legos!

Lots of fun playing with Christmas gifts all week.

And hot chocolate breaks!

We got the best pizza this weekend to finish things off.

I’m super sad the holidays are over but also ready to get into the swing of things. Why does it always go so fast?! Even still, I’m happy to get a move on this week and get back into our routine!