Who else is secretly excited that January is half over?!

This past week I finally felt like I was back in the groove, you know? Only took half the month!

Finally took down the christmas stuff last week! Man, it was hard! I was so sad once it was all down. I think it’s because I’m basically afraid to live through 2021 to get to christmas again. Ha!

Mornings! Winter skies are so pretty.

Some roasted veg with balsamic vinegar going into orzo.

Can’t handle her!

The driveway totally looked like leopard print one morning. Also this time of year I live in my black uggs.

This could be a problem!!

My house salad with crispy chicken fingers for dinner one night.

Little love bug! Why is he so big.

A gigantic pretzel starter seemed reasonable with our takeout one night.

Also been roasted some garlic balsamic mushrooms as a side! They are so good.

Annnd I made chrissy teigen’s drunken noodles one night. We love this meal but it is a bit time consuming.

Finally we did a bit of valentine’s day decorating. FUN FUN FUN!