This is how we’re going to keep January delicious!

what to eat this week

Lots of my fave meatless options this week and we finish things off with pizza!

what to eat this week

What To Eat This Week

Kick things off this week with some winter citrus butter salmon! I love serving this with rice and something delicious like my bacon roasted carrots.

Pizza stuffed shells are up next! Oooh we love this comforting meal – everyone enjoys this and leftovers are delicious.

For for this salsa chicken quinoa pot for a mid-week meal. This comes together fast and can be loaded with toppings.

Chickpeas and dumplings are the ultimate comfort food. Of course, you can make my chicken version too!

We love these halloumi hummus bowls. They are satisfying but light and just taste so darn good.

For the weekend, go with my veggie supreme detroit style pizza. This is our favorite kind of pizza to make!

I’m in a pumpkin mood, so I’m making my cinnamon toasted pumpkin pie oatmeal for breakfasts. And these tuscan tuna melts for lunch!

what to eat this week

What’s on your menu this week?!