Just another week over here!

Ohhhh my gosh, I feel like our weeks are so unbelievably boring right now! I’ve never been a fan of the first three months of the year, but whoa, it is like groundhog day over here. Not complaining because we are all healthy and well. Just not doing much at all, obviously. Many boring, regular old life pics to come in this post.

See also: I am SO obsessed with grapefruit right now. Eating one every day.

Started a new big coloring page this week!

His rainbow fish is my fave.

Emilia LOVES doing these little collages. They are so fun. She did a few of these while I watched the inauguration and they are her favorite thing.

Another snack I love. Yogurt with maple granola.

Balsamic veggies for topping chicken.

Breakfast babes.

Trying to nap with this wild one.

Made a mushroom and roasted broccoli carbonara for dinner one night! Broccoli was still in the oven and let’s just say there was no room for it in the pan. Ha.

Favorite scene.

Finishing the weekend off strong! How was your week?!