Bye by January!

It was another groundhog day-like week!

But I’m secretly sooooo happy that January is over.

I’m still going heavy on the grapefruit.

Still loving winter skies.

And Emilia is still super into her collages! I linked them in my January favorites.

Max got a quick haircut.

We made eggs and toast for dinner one night!

Eat an obscene amount of fruit in this house.

Signs of spring!

Max had to make a snowman for school and Emilia was all in since she loves crafts.

Um guys can you tell I am still terrible at crafts? He looks deranged. Haha.

Too cold to grill, so roasted vegetables it is!

Late saturday the kids wanted to make muffins. I basically let them do it themselves!

OMG these banana muffins! So darn good.

Annnd into a new week! xo