tuesday things

1. The hacks to make 2021 the best year yet. These are so good!

2. Citrus season is the best season. Been craving grapefruit like crazy.

3. Dying over this snickerdoodle cake!

4. Remember years ago when I forced myself into loving coffee? Well, I’m kind of trying to do the same thing with tea! I’ve notoriously thought that tea tastes like dirty water, but I think I’m making it happen. This is very intersting.

5. 5 changes to make this year happier than last. May not take much with last year being 2020, but still…

6. Where is the first place you’ll travel to when it’s safe to do so?!

7. TV things! I finished Bridgeton and mostly liked it, though I thought parts were ridiculous at times. I’m basically just rewatching Schitt’s Creek at night or reading because there.is.nothing.on.

8. On working less – this is so interesting!

9. Christmas decor is still up in this house! Can’t say no to the lights. Verrrry excited to do a little valentine’s decorating though.