It was a lovely little Valentine’s week!

These two make it so fun to be at home.

On Monday, Max had a snow day. The kids played outside all day!

And hot chocolate was consumed.

Max had his 100th day of school this week and had to make a shirt with 100 things on it.

One dinner I remembered to photograph! Turkey marinara, pasta, kale salad.

Littlest love bug that isn’t so little anymore!

She continued to love the snow once Max went back to school. This is water with a drop of food coloring in a spray bottle. Super fun!

I’ve fallen way down the westman atelier rabbit hole and may never emerge again. I love it.

Favorite breakfast… pb waffle stack and berries.

Eddie brought home lobster mac from the capital grille for an early valentine’s dinner. Oh my word was it incredible.

The kids wanted to make valentine’s cookies all week!

So they could sneak a few while decorating.

Emilia’s icing to cookie ratio is a little wild.

I can’t.

Not a huge fan of roses but any sign of flowers/spring in this house is a good thing!

Still dressed up for heart day!

I’m telling you, she is the ring leader.

Max loves this lego chain reactions book he got for christmas.

Lacy brought the kids this breakable heart from Mediterra!

It was so fun to break open!

Annnnd another week ends. Hope you had a lovely one!